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New Region: Global Region for Free Trade

27-01-2006, 16:37
The Foreign Minister of the GRFT,
Rt. Hon. Bertie Wooster MP, delegate for the Grand Duchy of Manninovia

Wishes to announce the establishment of the Global Region for Free Trade.

The aims of the GRFT are to promote peace and security between member states, and within the UN, in order to create a stable environment for commerce and industry. Financial clout is the basis of all power. Our motto is "You Can Keep Your Marxists Ways, for its Only Just a Phase".

However, all types of government are welcome to join, as we see your form of government as an internal matter. Our only stipulation is a commitment to trade and making money.

Our region is listed as 'Global Region for Free Trade'. All members will have an equal voice in the formulation of policy and UN voting intentions.

We hope you will join.