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Looking for a Region

23-01-2006, 06:31
Hello. I'm a lone nation looking for a new region that reflects my Liberal tendancies. Please respond quickly. I would also like a region that would let me take an active role in the Government.
23-01-2006, 13:17
you can join the south east eurasia
English Humour
23-01-2006, 23:03
The Region of Funny Guys.

We are extremly liberal, though not officially. We allow almost anything to happen. Maybe a word for it is Anarchy.

Also, we will let you take a role in government. We have serveral things which need to get done, and we need more people to do so.
Ness Snorlaxia
24-01-2006, 00:18
I suggest that you join Hyrule. We are a more liberal region, but we welcome all nations and have no official government stance.

As for the government, we do have one, and you can take part in it! At the moment, you can join our ambassador team and represent the region elsewhere, or recruit and help build the region. You can also vote and participate in other government discussions that occur from time to time.

We also have a regional vote for U.N. resolutions. The delegate votes either FOR or AGAINST the resolutions based on the opinions of the people who participate in our regional voting.

We also have more, such as:
-A role-play forum, which is now active.
-A nature reserve so you can show your regional animals.
-The one and only Interactive Fun Dodecahedron, home to forum games.
-The Regional Chatterbox, where you can start a discussion about (almost) anything.

Our forums, for viewing, are at this link (
24-01-2006, 22:01
Come and Join Liberalia, NS's fastest-growing Liberal democracy. We'd love for you to come and join us. We have an active parliament, one of the best political systems in NS, with numerous parties competing for control. We also have lots of other systems, active RP, ministries, and it's culture week this week too!
24-01-2006, 22:07
Nah, join One Big Island. we are a-political. and offer lots of fun :)
26-01-2006, 19:24
If you havent already made your decision, come to the "Democratic Socialist Bloc" we have a great forum and alot of political discussion!
Phi love
26-01-2006, 22:36
we welcome your nation if our region is to your liking.
27-01-2006, 00:53
The Galactic Corporate would be happy to have you. We are a relatively new region, who is still learning the rules of this great game. If you like what you see, then join us, and perhaps we can learn from each other in the spirit of scientific and democratic exchange.
Ragtag Fugitive Fleet
27-01-2006, 02:21
My region is completely democratic. There are many spots open for governning roles, and once we're up to full strength these governing roles will follow the will of the membership by acting on their behalf by giving suggestions to the regional president (who is elected on a periodical basis). This region has 17 months of experience one way or another, so it's worth it.
27-01-2006, 03:10
My friend and I have formed a region together. We both IRL are Centrists leaning more towards the left.

If you'd like, join the Independent Crimson Seas.
Northern Sushi
27-01-2006, 03:56
As Carops stated, Liberalia would be a great region for you.