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Lancre Council Meeting 21/1/06

22-01-2006, 01:41

Following is the edited transcript of the Council meeting:

* Now talking on #lancrecouncil
* Besty ( has joined #lancrecouncil
Besty *stretches*
Besty Sorry, I won't be talking for a bit. I have another meeting going on and, no matter how stressful, I should really be there.
Besty *sits down and naps*
Dregruk No bother. I'm taking care of the home front here
Besty Good man
Besty Zzzzzzzzzz
Besty *wakes up*
Besty Is everyone here....
Besty Wait a tick.
Besty *looks at watch*
Besty Am I seeing the right time here?
Dregruk 11pm
* yesnono (~ssymonds@ has joined #lancrecouncil
Dregruk Spooky...
yesnono hey
Dregruk Hello
Besty Brilliant!
Besty Just made it
Besty I was getting scared...
Dregruk You usually are
yesnono besty is usuallly scareed?
Besty I thought that I'd actually told everyone that it was tomorrow, and that no one was going to show up
yesnono no, you said the 21st
Besty Siroc says that he'll try to make it, but has a maths prelim on monday so doesn't really want to be up too late
Besty Good good
Besty Just making sure
Besty I hope Mothballs comes to this one
Dregruk Mmm
yesnono dark roast coffee may show up, but she's still eating
Besty She's usually a laugh
Besty Ah yes. Our new plaything
Besty Mwahahahaha
Besty So how are you both this evening?
yesnono She had a nation back when I joined, but let it die
yesnono I'm good
Dregruk I'm slightly not sober
Dregruk So bear with me
Besty I've just had a slightly annoying other online meet
Besty It's made me a bit grouchy
Besty So I need coffee
yesnono I'm sorry
Besty Hmmmmm
Besty What have you been drinking Dack?
Dregruk Beer...
Dregruk Then after dinner brandy...
Besty Just general *waves arms* beer?
Besty Ah, brandy
Dregruk Not just any old beer
Dregruk Erdinger WeiƟbrau
Besty You've obviously finished your whisky from Xmas?
Besty Oooooooo
Dregruk THere's a little left
Besty That's nice stuff
Dregruk Saving it
Dregruk Yes, yes it is
Besty What for?
Dregruk Birthday, methinks
Dregruk Failing that, the apocalypse
Besty Aha. You'll have to remind me to send the card
Besty Or I will forget
Dregruk Will do
* yesnono considers drinking, but is bad enough at spelling as is.
Besty Good man. I'll stick a post-it on my door too. Along with the one saying my name.
Besty Ah, sorry Yesnono, we're leaving you out here!
yesnono s'ok
Besty Like a drink of the finest DC champagne?
Besty Is REALLY isn't cow piss, honest!
Besty *it
yesnono I was attually considering my smithwicks
Besty Aha.
Besty Smithwicks?
Besty Never heard of it
yesnono irish beer
Besty Ooooooo, proper stuff
Dregruk Right! I'm calling this meeting to order
Besty Ah yes. You are the chairman, ain't ya.
Dregruk So siddown and shaddup
Besty (dear god, our chairman is drunk)
Besty *sits down*
Dregruk M'kay then
* yesnono is in order
Dregruk First order of business is...?
Besty In order of what?
Besty Ummmmm
Besty That's always a good topic
Besty Or failing that, *CENSORED*
Dregruk Agreed
Dregruk What do we think of this *CENSORED*?

*CENSORED en masse*

Besty Agreed
Besty Did I ever lurk?
Besty I can't remember.
Besty DREGRUK!!!
yesnono i lurk
Besty Did I ever lurk?
Dregruk Hmm...
Dregruk Yes, for a while
Dregruk Much to the same extent as myself
Besty Mmmhmm, I just can't remember that well. I didn't do what *CENSORED* is doing, that's for sure
Besty So are we all in favour of explaining to him LTL?
Dregruk I recall you lurked to the same extent as I did when I first came to Lancre, hence the reason I didn't threaten you with nukage

*CENSORED en masse*

Besty Yes, you haven't ever threatened me with Nukage
Dregruk Well.. I might have once
Besty You did blow up Bestiville though
Dregruk Oh yes
Besty So...
Dregruk That was fun
Dregruk But back on topic
Besty Yes, I gave you the chance to use your nukes you're so keen to show off
Dregruk All in favour of telling *CENSORED* to lurk for a little while?
Besty All in favour?
Besty Aye!
yesnono all in favor, i think
Dregruk *Punches Besty*
Dregruk I'm the chairman!
Dregruk I get to say that!
Besty Sorry...
Dregruk Right. All in favour *glare*
Besty I'm not used to letting others take control!
yesnono aye!
Besty aywe
Dregruk Good
Dregruk Motion carried
Dregruk I think
Besty Might I suggest another POO?
Dregruk Yeah, we'll go with that
Dregruk Sure
yesnono so who is going to explain?
Besty Point of order!
Dregruk I'll do it
Dregruk Continue
Besty Repeal "Stop dumping - Start Cleaning"?
Besty Are we for or against?
yesnono I'm not UN
Besty Well, still...
Dregruk Me neither...
Besty Fine, all in favour of me randomly picking with my eyes closed?
Dregruk Aye
Besty Oooops
Dregruk Wait a second...
Besty You're the chairperson
Dregruk *Glares*
Dregruk Hold on, this is a UN matter
Dregruk So you do it
Dregruk Says me
Besty God, I'm literally laughing to myself here... I must look really oddd
Besty All in favour!
yesnono you two bicker like an old married couple
yesnono aye
Besty No we don't... *glares at Dregruk*
Dregruk We don't.
Dregruk Nope
Besty Tell us the message to Anyland before you send it Dregruk
Dregruk Haaaang on
Dregruk I'd need to compose it firs
Dregruk t
Besty You don't have to do it immediately
Besty Oh shit, that reminds me
Besty *runs off to host certificates*
Dregruk Right! Next point of order!
Dregruk My one...
yesnono yes?
Dregruk Yesnono's BLATANT ABUSE OF THE LANCRE CUP!! And libelous accusations of myself and Besty
Dregruk Heheh
Dregruk Nah, I don't really care
Dregruk Apart from the libel
Dregruk I'll see you in court over that one
Besty Oh yes....
yesnono I'm running out of ideas. I can only write so many new games
Besty Like we'd do some of those things! =p
yesnono you would
Besty I know!
Dregruk I'm only kidding you on
Dregruk Worry ye not
Besty Yeah, don't worry yesnono
yesnono it's ok
Besty You're doing a brilliant job
Besty You thoroughly deserve your Cowpat
yesnono thanks
Dregruk Although I must admit I'm impressed at how original you're keeping it
yesnono I'm glad I'm not accusing you names in vain
Besty Yes. Me and Dack ran out of ideas within...
Besty Well, for me it was two tournaments.
yesnono I have a random word generator
Besty Really? I want one!
yesnono google it
Dregruk I have a random Haiku generator
Dregruk Not quite as useful
Besty Okay, I NEED one of those.
yesnono that would be good, Haiku matches
Besty Here's the certificate
yesnono thanks
Besty 10 points to whoever guesses which movie the font at the bottom's from.
Besty *taps foot*
Dregruk I recognise it, possibly
Besty Oh yes? Go on
Dregruk Can't put my finger on it
Dregruk Mental block
Besty It's your sort of film, I'd think Dack
Dregruk Now it's annoying me...
Besty A very popular film
Besty Any guesses Yesnono?
yesnono The middle one reminds me of hitchikers
yesnono but none for the bottom one
yesnono what is it?
* Emperor ( has joined #lancrecouncil
Emperor Huh?
Emperor My internet just died
yesnono or are you going to keep Dregruk in the dark?
Emperor No, Dregruk knows about how my internet randomly dies
* Besty has quit (Ping timeout)
Emperor Okay, brb
* Emperor has quit (Quit: )
* Besty ( has joined #lancrecouncil
Dregruk Gah! The mystery is hidden forever!
Dregruk Or not
Besty Ha!
Besty I'm here. Finally. Bloody BT
Dregruk mm
Besty Anyway, did you have any guesses Yesnono?
yesnono not really
yesnono what is it?
Dregruk Right, I'm going to randomly guess "Enemy at the Gates"
Besty Nope...
Besty Okay, a clue...
Besty There is a game remake of it coming out soon
Besty YES!
Besty By jove!
Besty He got it!
Dregruk Fantastic trilogy
yesnono oi, a film i've never seen
Besty You've never seen it?
Dregruk Got the DVD box set for my birthday last year
yesnono no, I like my movies fluffy
Besty I haven't got it on DVD...
Besty Fluffy?
yesnono I don't like too much violence
Besty *hits Dregruk*
yesnono that I can deal wiht
Dregruk Don't make me punch you again
yesnono *with
Besty Is this going to turn into another fish fight?
Dregruk Hell no. I'll beat you senseless
Besty Oh yes? Come on then, big man!
yesnono Are we done with offical bussiness?
Besty Looks like it...
Dregruk *Stops*
Dregruk Hrm
Besty Except... I think that Bill is on the way down...
yesnono I have a random question
Dregruk Shoot
Besty Yes?
yesnono where is keswick?
Besty Ummmm...
Besty Dunno
Dregruk Northern scotland, maybe?
Besty It's a possibility
yesnono Ok, it's near Carlisle
Dregruk Blast
Besty I live near there
Dregruk My geography's atrocious
Besty *embarassed*
Besty Mine even worse
* Bill ( has joined #lancrecouncil
yesnono I'm trying to figure out where to fly into
yesnono for this weedding
Dregruk Depends where you're heading
yesnono Hi, bill
Besty Wedding?
Bill Hello madam... As you can see, I bring a cowpat, when you're ready
yesnono we can do the cowpat first
Bill Okay then
Bill *Pulls out bit of paper from pocket*
Bill This 'ere lump of muck.
Bill *points at Cowpat*
Dregruk Next order of business! Presention of Cowpat!
Bill Is being awarded to a very special person, who sadly can't be with us tonight
Bill This person is almost an essential part in the life of Lancre
Bill And has done so much in aid of Lancre over the years that it's untrue.
Bill The third cow-pat is awarded to... King Siroc!
Besty *cheers*
yesnono Yay!
Besty And well deserved, I think
Bill So, as he's not here, what do I do with this?
yesnono very well deserved
Dregruk Vacuum seal it?
Bill Thanks for that, sir. I may do that. I'll be in later to clean up... *wanders off*
* Bill has quit (Quit: )
Besty Anyway, that's official business over
Besty So, what wedding's this then Yesnono?
Dregruk Oy!
Besty Oh...
yesnono My cousin's getting married this summer
Dregruk Official business isn't over until I say so!
Dregruk Which I do...
Besty Sure...
Besty Good!
Dregruk Hrm. I was sure I had a point...
Besty Same here actually...
Besty *ponders*
* yesnono laughs at you both
Besty Don't laugh! =p
Dregruk Don't laugh at me! I'm misunderstood!
Besty Same here
Besty Some people say, that I'm, a bad gyuy....
Besty *guy
yesnono can I giggle at you?
Besty Yes. A nice girly giggle is fine
Dregruk Hold on
Dregruk One more order of business
Besty Fire away
Besty We're all listening
yesnono we are
Dregruk I think we should make a copy of tonight's meeting and let the others see it. Post it in the forum or something
Besty Yes. I was planning on doing minutes
Besty Or something along those lines.
Besty But then again, Anyland will see
yesnono minutes would be good, I don't think they need all the spelling mistakes
Dregruk We should... tactfully emit certain parts
Dregruk *ommit
yesnono yes
Dregruk Like that
Besty Yes. Put a big 'Confidential' over them
yesnono it might encorage more participants
Besty That would be good
Dregruk Black highlighters for the really important information!!
Besty Oh yes!
Besty Fantastic!
yesnono sounds good
Besty I can't do it.
Dregruk Like the fact that *CENSORED* is going to be the next on my "must die" list
Besty Heheh, yup
Dregruk Poor fools...
Besty Yes. How little they know
Besty mwahahahaha!
Dregruk Want me to do it, then?
Besty Yes, I'll post it along with my summary?
Dregruk Yep
Dregruk Agreed?
* yesnono nods
Besty Aye
* yesnono pokes Dregruk
yesnono are we done now?
Besty Okay, what would we say was the moment of the meeting?
yesnono you two threatening each other?
Besty Okay...
Besty No! You comparing us to an old married couple!
yesnono ah, that's good
Dregruk Yeah, that was the moment
Besty K, I've done the summary
Besty Just need the link...
Dregruk *CENSORED*
Besty Ah yes? And?
* dark_roast (dark_roast@ has joined #lancrecouncil
yesnono excellent
Besty *looks at time*
Besty Well, there's nothing like a late entrance!
yesnono she had internet issues
yesnono she called me
Besty Yeah. It's good to see you
dark_roast actually eating dinner made me rather late
Besty Don't worry about it
yesnono silly
Besty Would you like a drink DRC?
Besty We have the finest Determined Cows Champagne?
dark_roast yes, please
Besty Stop giggling Yesnono...
Besty *pours glass*
Besty Here you go...
yesnono me, I'm back to laughing
dark_roast thank you
Besty Have a drink! See what you think. Mwahahahaha!
dark_roast oh dear
dark_roast *takes a sip*
Besty Ummm, I should probably mention the secret ingredient
dark_roast which is?
Besty It's a secret
Besty =p
Besty Dack, have you finished yet? You're not drinking that beer again are you?
Besty Obviously he is...
Besty Welcome to Lancre by the way DRC
yesnono I feel like I should tell on your secret, Besty
Besty That would be cruel!
Dregruk Wha?!
Dregruk Dammit. I can't do 6 things at once
Dregruk Almost
yesnono Poor Dregruk
Besty Heheh, you must learn young Dack...
Dregruk Slap him, Yesnono, would you?
Dregruk I've got 6 other things to do
* yesnono looks at Beast in a threatening manner
Besty Welcome to my world
Besty Beast?
Besty Why thank you
yesnono sorry
Besty Heheh, I am a beast!
dark_roast yesnono likes to threaten plenty of people
* yesnono shakes her head
yesnono do not
dark_roast yes you do
* yesnono threatens to get DRC later
Dregruk Right!
Dregruk Behold

*CENSORED en masse*

Besty That's surprisingly sensible.
Besty You don't even threaten him
Dregruk I know... that beer must've really gone to my head
Dregruk Send it?
Besty It brings a tear to my eye
yesnono 'Tis good, he should understand it, right
Besty Yes, send it.
yesnono yup
Dregruk *CENSORED*
Besty Good good.
Besty Anyway, laydeez, let's not fight
Besty *pulls them apart*
Besty You can threaten each other in RL...
yesnono we wouln't fight
dark_roast we promise
Dregruk New rule in the council! All fights must be started by ME
Dregruk Agreed?
Besty Good rule
yesnono sure
Besty Aye. 'All fights must be started by the elected chairperson, whoever that may be at the time'
Dregruk ...what he said
Besty That's now the first rule of the revised Lancre Constitution, section 4, The Lancre Council
Besty (when I get around to writing it)
yesnono we have rules?
yesnono ah
Besty Yes, written by DTAS LAND
Besty Now lost forever, which is a bugger
yesnono we need a new offsite forum
Besty We do.
Besty Though the other one wasn't used much
Besty It was just me and Umgullia shouting at each other, basically
yesnono lancre cup, council meetings, threats
yesnono umgullia once threatenedd to invade me, good times back then
Besty Yup. That's something that Zamboni was going to do
yesnono but we're more active now
Besty Oh, Umgullia is a nice guy. One of my best friends in Lancre
yesnono He did it nicle
yesnono *nicely
Besty Yes, he was good like that. It's a shame he isn't active anymore
* yesnono nods
Besty I did make a forum once... I can't remember what happened to it...
Besty Oh yes, it was just before the griefing
Besty And I forgot about it
yesnono DRC, please never hack me
Besty Heheh. I'm making sure that never happens to me again
Dregruk I use a NASA-built random password generator that changes every 12 minutes
Besty That's what I could do with.
yesnono I just reling on knowing how to break into DRC's room
Besty Heheh...
yesnono and threats
Besty You're a good laydee Yesnono.
dark_roast you can't break into my room, though
Besty The proper kind.
dark_roast it is card-proofed
yesnono I could pretend to be you
Besty The card thing never works.
yesnono it does in our house, really old doors, I'm good at it
dark_roast you could never pull off the DRC persona
dark_roast although it would be entertaining to watch
Besty Off topic slightly, I know, but I REALLY need a good hat.
Besty You can't get them around her
Besty e
yesnono no hats in the UK?
Besty Not really
Besty Unless you're a mindless chav
yesnono chav?
Dregruk Hey! I've got a nice hat!
Dregruk Two, to be exact
yesnono you could share
Besty I know. But you're lucky.
Besty It's a shame that we live, like, 100 miles apart
Besty It would have to be a bloody big hate
Besty *hat
yesnono which is so far
Dregruk Don't have on of those
Besty Nah
Besty It would be a cool hat
Besty Take up like, the whole of the North of England and the south of scotland, but who cares.
Besty It would be worth it for the giant hat of doom
yesnono you have to capitalize DOOM
yesnono it's a rule
Besty Thanks for that.
Dregruk The hat of Perpetual Night for the Majority of Britain?
Besty I'll add it to the constitution!
Besty Yes
Besty Another brilliant name for it
Besty If we ever have a raffle, we are drawing it from that.
Besty All agreed?
Besty Anyway, I REALLY must be going now
yesnono agreed on the rule? or the name, or the raffle?
Besty Ummmm.. The fact that if we ever have a raffle it will be drawn from that hat
yesnono night, Besty
Dregruk Agreed
yesnono ok
Dregruk Night Besty
Besty Right. This has officially been the best meeting yet
Besty At least, the longest!
yesnono the longest, true
Besty Night everyone, speak to you tomorrow Dack.
* Besty has quit (Quit: )
Dregruk M'kay, I do believe this meeting it adjourned
Dregruk *is
yesnono finally, didn't we start trying to do that 45 minutes ago?
Dregruk Probably. But these things take time
Dregruk Paperwork and so on
yesnono full procedure and all that
yesnono yes, yes
Dregruk Alrighty. Meeting adjourned
Dregruk Please leave the premises
yesnono fine
* yesnono (~ssymonds@ has left #lancrecouncil
* dark_roast (dark_roast@ has left #lancrecouncil
Dregruk Final message to the people of Lancre:
Dregruk That is all.