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Position Vacant

09-01-2006, 06:07
Postion discription - UN Delegate

Location/Region - Diablo

Qualifications - The person who wants this position must be an active player interested in assisting a founder, hopeless at recruiting, to build up a newly refounded region.

Previous game experience is preferred, but not essential.

Salary - The successful applicant will win the right to hold the delegate position as long as he or she wants it, with all the rights and privliges that contains. Access to regional control and full delegate rights to it within the game rules. The eternal gratitude of a busy and frustrated founder.

How to apply - Move your nation to the region of Diablo, and be the fist to shout "I want the delegacy" on the RMB. My UN nation is in the region ready to endorse. First nation in that wants the job, will get the job.

Current invader nations need not apply.