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Join The Exodus Today!!

The Avenging Angels
07-01-2006, 03:29
Salutations Great Nations,

I invite you to join the region The Exodus. Our region is dedicated to and built upon the ideals of peace, freedom, and tolerance. Though, you don't necessarily have to believe in these ideals. We accept all nations, all beliefs, all governments, and all religions. Our region and nations are involved in many activities within and outside of the region. =)

We are rebuilding our region, and we need you! Thats right you. What can you do to help? You can get involved in our government that we are rebuilding. You can come and chat, and liven the place up. =) Give us new ideas for projects. Or you can can come have some fun, and just have a blast in our region! =)

We have a great off-site forum that is active and lively, and has a diverse selection of topics. It is located at:

To join The Exodus:

1) Click on “The World” in the left-hand bar
2) Type “The Exodus” into the “Find Region” box
3) Click on “Like What You See? Move [Your Nation] to The Exodus Today!”
4) And congratulations you are now a member of The Exodus!

Thank you for joining The Exodus!

Peace Be With You,

The Republic of Exodus Promoters
- Ambassador from The Exodus

If for some reason do not wish to join the actual region I at least encourage you to join our wodnerful forum located at:

It is a wonderfu,l active, lively, and enjoyable place to hang out and chat!

Though I do encourage you to join The Exodus. We have gained 55 nations over the last weeks putting us at 131 nations total, so we must have something going for us.
The Avenging Angels2
07-01-2006, 07:49
The Exodus News Network Is Open For Business!!

The news service is up and running. We are still looking for reporters for almost everything. :) We will meet all of your news needs hopefully. We shall be reporting on a wide variety of subjects and topics. :D

I personally am in charge of interviews and the weather. :w00t: So, if you want to be interviewed by me justlet me know. ;)

The first interview is being posted right now. It is with Avolon the current founder of The Exodus. The link to it is: (
[NS]The Avenging Angels3
11-01-2006, 04:56
We are up to 142 nations!

Why not join us now? =)

If you are unsure about joining the region, check out the off-site forum, and see what thats like. :)

*I was told it was okay for me to post using AA3 by fris in #themodcave today*
[NS]The Avenging Angels3
12-01-2006, 07:08