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Corporate Police State/Compulsory Consumerist

Fascist North Canada
06-01-2006, 21:28
My nation is new and originally began as a Coporate Police State, which I liked. Then Just today it turned into Compulsory Consumerist, which I very much dislike. I have 3 questions.

1) What did I do to cause the change?

2) What types of Issues should I choose in order to revert back to and remain a Corporate Police State?

3) Which Issues shouls I choose to attain Iron Fist Consumerist?
The Helghan Empire
06-01-2006, 22:09
I love the Corporate Police State ranking. Anyhoo, what you wanna do is choose issues that raise military and police budgets. Don't stick with Commerce as your main priority, but you can always keep it in competition if you'd like. Also, destroy your Civil Rights. Make it go to Rare or Few.
And, become more economically powerful. It's best for your nation's GDP, and I think it helps support CPS, or I think that happens if you have a mainstream of mass corporations. But still, try raising your economy.
I think what you did wrong was become less militaristic, even if you have Compulsory Military Service, and support Commerce and Education. Yet again, I tell you, fund Defence and Law And Order more and better.
That's all I can say, and I may not be right, but, that's what I did and I'm a Coporate Police State. Oh, and thank you for joining the Fascist ranks, and the world of NationStates. Remember to read the Stickies when you begin roleplaying.
06-01-2006, 22:18
What Helghan says.

Always the pro-business decision on any issue, and the strictest choice in law and order every time, Zero tolerance for nuthin'. Fund military and police lushly, your taxes won't go up.

Check The Plutocracy of Grand Cash, that's one of mine.