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The Kingdom of Burgundy

Cherry Ridge
01-01-2006, 04:13
I would like to invite you the The Kingdom of Burgundy. Nestled just outside of greater Prussia majour, this Kingdom is meant for Catholic nations, though open for all (except atheistic states, communists, satanists, and other enemies of the state). We would like to welcome any Orthodox nations as well.
Why join Burgundy? Well, for one, you have the protection of the Greater Prussian empire. You enter into an already organized system, and many allies. The Kingdom of Burgundy is "ruled" by King John Antonette of Cherry Ridge. The soverign of the Greater Prussian empire as a whole is Napoleon Charles de Sanglant of Reichskamphen. A burgundian summit is currently beginning. For entry into the kingdom of burgundy, please telegramme Cherry Ridge for the password.