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Union of Libertarian Enclaves

Civil-economic Liberty
30-12-2005, 03:53
Fellow Freedom fighters,

I am proud to announce the establishment of a new region dedicated to providing a true safe haven for Libertarian peoples who are seeking refuge from the socialists, marxists and other variations to the theme of communism and the concept of the welfare state.

At present the Union of Libertarian Enclaves( ) is home to but one young Libertarian "nation"(for lack of a better term), but that is expected to change once those who remain oppressed in the so called capitalist and free trade regions realize that there is a truly Darwinist option available.

Lend your support to the Union of Libertarian Enclaves, and you will help put a voice in the UN genuinely convinced of the rights to Freedom, both civil and ecconomic, that are not only denied in many nations around the world, but also by international organisations that claim to represent us.

Thank you for your support.