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Looking to get involved with FT

29-12-2005, 18:53
Hello, I am looking to get involved in the FT side of roleplaying. I am talking about the custom FT, not already set themes for FT that already exist like Star Wars etc.

If it would be at all possible, can someone give me a brief overview of what is going on in the FT universe? It is highly unlikely that I am going to be joining any alliances, so please do not inundate me with countless alliance offers.

I intend to play more of a neutral race that creates and sells technology to other factions. My race's background has already been written and I am ready to start jumping into the roleplaying, I just need a little backstory into what's going on right now.

Thank you,

29-12-2005, 23:11
Do you mean here on the NS forums?
Or on a regional basis?
If it's here on NS, you should look around on International Incidents and try to join in with whatever is new or appropriate.
29-12-2005, 23:15
I mean on a NS basis, but thank you anyway. Yes, I will try my best to get myself involved soon. Just working on the first piece of tech that I could sell. :)