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Ship Renders - Critiques please. (Images)

Kasim Sul Nahr
25-12-2005, 17:35
Just some structural critiques needed. I am new at the modelling thang, Just like some input about what it's missing/what needs fixing.
Stowed engine nacelles
And again.
26-12-2005, 09:08
looks good so far, could do with a little more surface detail. (paint scheme, identifing markings, hull plate joints, that kind of stuff.)
Kasim Sul Nahr
26-12-2005, 14:37
Now continued in This Thread. (

Could someone tell the mod to delete this version?
The Helghan Empire
26-12-2005, 15:27
Just head to the moderation forum, make a thread, and give them the link of this thread. Just request that you want it locked or deleted.
26-12-2005, 19:34
Locked upon request.