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Tygarjstan Governmental Data

24-12-2005, 01:41
Country name:
conventional long form: Republic of Tygarjstan
conventional short form: Tygarjstan
local long form: Tygarjstan Respublikasy (Tыгapjстaн Республикасы)
local short form: Tygarjstan (Tыгapjстaн)

Government type:
republic; authoritarian presidential rule, with little power outside the executive branch
Tygarj City (Tygarjch)
Administrative divisions:
9 provinces (oblystar, singular - oblys) and one federal city* Дaнpaвaв (Danravav); Горывaв (Gorivav); Oлотoскaв (Olotoskav); Утюгaв (Ootugav); Плодорнaв (Plodornav); Сныждoвaв (Snizhdovav); Тaрjaнaв (Tarjanav); Tыгapjч (Tygarj City)*; Цадeвaв (Tsadyevav); Жaeлaв (Zhayelav)
19 December 1991 (from the Soviet Union)
National holiday:
The President's Birthday 9 April (1956)
first post-independence constitution adopted 2 February 1993; new constitution adopted by presidential fiat 30 August 1997
Legal system:
based on civil law system
18 years of age; universal and mandatory
Executive branch:
chief of state: President and Protector of the Republic Veshto B. ZHUDAKINAJ (reelected president 2 July 2002)
head of government: President and Protector of the Republic Veshto B. ZHUDAKINAJ
Note: In Tygarjstan, the chief of state is also the head of government
Cabinet: Council of the Republic appointed by the president
elections: Elections are held every six years based on popular vote (note: the ruling National Party For Tygarj Unity (NPTS) is the only legal political party other than the token opposition party, the National Party of the Tygarjstani Republic (NPTR)) results: [President and Protector of the Republic]Veshto Brovrovij ZHUDAKINAJ, [Vice President] Nikozhan Brovrovij ZHUDAKINAJ <the President's brother>, [Junior Vice President] Zarjen Veshtovij ZHUDAKINAJ <the President's son> (all NPTS), 100% of the vote

Legislative branch:
bicameral Parliment called the Senate (38 seats; 4 from each province and 2 from Tygarj City) and the House of Ministers (120 seats; based on percentage of party votes)
elections: Election are held every four years. Last held 12 October 2003
results: NPTS 19 seats in the Senate; NPTS 110 seats in the House of Ministers, NPTR 10 seats in the House of Ministers.

Judicial branch:
Supreme Court (11 members) Appointed by the President

Political parties and leaders:
National Party for Tygarj Unity (NPTS)
[Chairman Boreje Veshtovij ZHUDAKINAJ] <The President's son>
National Party of the Tygarjstani Republic (NPTR)
[Chairman Chavag Shudarvij TORVESKI] <The President's brother-in-law>
The Zombie Alliance
24-12-2005, 22:53
Yes, but what about zombie slaves? Does your president have any zombie slaves?? Lord Necromancer of the Zombie Aliance has zombie slaves.
25-12-2005, 00:27
Zombies slaves would not be needed in Tygarjstan as all the nation lives in matchless splender.

- Borjek Dmarivij Smevdarvon, Minister of Information Propagation
25-12-2005, 10:52
That's a really interesting nation you've got there.
I'd love to RP against it. Good Luck
If you ever fancy joining in Liberalia and joining our forums .... ;)