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Is there any other way to increase my defence budget?

23-12-2005, 06:25
Im fairly new to this game, have been playing for around a month, and Im wondering...

2 weeks ago, when my country only have 6-12 million people in it, still a tiny spec, I got an issue asing to cut back miltary funding. Thinking that a country as small as mine should focus on economy and growth in its early stages before it decides to get to having a large outstaning army, I decided to cut back military spending, not knowing that it would completely shut down the department of defence.

Well now the dillema is that I have about 56 million people, deffinitely enough to do stuff, and I've only recently found all the cool shops and stuff on the forums. Problem is...I have no money in my military budget to pay them with.

So my question is; Is it my ONLY OPTION to wait until another military issue pops up? because if that is the case, then it seems that I will have to wait awhile. And it is kind of silly to have a compulsory military service in a nation with no military spending....arg.
23-12-2005, 06:34
Do things that will decrease the budget in other areas and do things that will increase the level of your economy.
Planet Frost
23-12-2005, 07:05
some of the time issues involving militarty will come up so those will help
the ninja issue will help a bit

like the other guy sadi (sorry i didn;t get the name) anything that will decres spending in other places will help out also