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RP help

22-12-2005, 01:41
I joined nation states a few days ago and am intrested in getting involved in roleplaying. I've attempted to figure it out but its overwhelming.SO any advice you can give me regarding the basics would be very helpful. Thanks
22-12-2005, 02:04
Hi, I'm a newb to nation states however I've roleplayed a little in the past. Actually I totally get this rifts feeling or gurps perhaps from nationstates.

Roleplaying if effectively like acting. However, there are varying degrees of in character and out of character roles.

Most 'developed' role playing 'games' have game system which designate how probability and capabilities enable the 'role' to be done. I.e. how strong are you what is you ability to pick up hidden clues.. can you fly that special attack space fighter, can you really bend that spoon or is it just the halluciongens playing tricks with you.

I've gone about doing nationstates roleplaying by 1. making up some characters for various 'roles' in more administrative roles. I have characters who I use in writting and these characters may interact with other players which is more like role playing than story development.

Nationstates tends to have more of a 'gamemaster' sense to it's role playing because people tend to have their own land etc.. etc.. that they can develop rather than just solely 1 character as usually the start for traditional role playing games.

Role playing itself is used in 'non -game' roles including professions of counselling and acting to help people look at the world through different eyes. Many individuals who play video games are exposed.

Are you looking up to hook up to scenario's or just wondering about rping.

My state page is under development

I'm willing to 'play'

What I'm interested in finding is any 'game systems' and equipment rosters. I know I could easily import 'ideas' from a kazillion sources due to the looseness of the game, I am attempting to find .. and 'acceptable median' that will be accepted by the vast majority of people I interact with.
22-12-2005, 02:27
Thanks I was curious about that but also about how warfare buying equipment and such is carried out
22-12-2005, 03:18
Most if not all of your questions are answered in the sticky threads in NationStates and International Incidents. As this forum does not deal with RP at all, iLock.