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14-12-2005, 00:15
This is a page to find regions, post ads for your region, and hype up other regions. Feel free to leave regional advertisements.

While we are on the subject, my region is Syndicates, if you are in the neighborhood for a smaller one.
14-12-2005, 00:25
this isn't this nation's regoin that i'm posting about
but another nation i own
it is called The Theocracy of The Land of Atheism
and it is found and started the regoin called the Land of Psychotic Basturds
i implore all of you to check it out
right now it's just him
but soon it will dominate all others
"choose the right friends before they start the killing spree":D
English Humour
14-12-2005, 00:33
Isn't this what the Yellow Pages are for?

Anyway, The Region of Funny Guys.
14-12-2005, 01:15
Isn't this what the Yellow Pages are for?

Anyway, The Region of Funny Guys.
Yeah, but the yellow pages seem to be getting choked.
14-12-2005, 01:43
Hey, there. I'm the founder of the "Jedi Enclave." We've got about twenty one nations in the region right now, and there's always room for more. We push real world politics and religious stances aside to welcome all comers. The Enclave is a place for Star Wars, or even just sci-fi fans, to come and crash, and talk about whatever is on their mind. If you like getting into arguments speculating on whether Admiral Ackbar tastes like calamari, or what might have happened if Luke and Leia never found out they were brother and sister, come on down to the Jedi Enclave to have a little fun.
Northern Sushi
14-12-2005, 02:13
:) Join

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