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The Region of Funny Guys.

English Humour
11-12-2005, 23:04
The Region of Funny Guys. What is it all about? Nothing really.

They say humour is a sign of intelligence. Come join us and prove them wrong. Don't know what you're doing? Neither do we!

*cough* Well, now for some real information.
Our region has been around since the spring of 2005. We have 40 nations as of now. Our region includes the old and the young. We have an active UN delegate who is ready to listin to your opinion. Our forum is active, our site is flashy, and our national color is orange.

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English Humour
13-12-2005, 00:34
I also forgot to mention we have role playing.

And muffins.
Neo Ozia
13-12-2005, 00:55
We will destroy your pitiful muffins becouse there EVIL!!