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A Van Down by the River liberated?

Crazy girl
10-12-2005, 10:20
Sitting in the RR, I see some arrivals from a region called A Van Down by the River.

Wondering what was going on, I check it out. In the regional happenings no ejections were visible. But I did spot a message on the CHQ:

2 minutes ago The Old Sys Admins Home of PEBKAC This region was liberated by forces from the E-Army, WPLF, GG, Rangers, ADN, RIA, RLA and CDA. Please select a UN-native to become delegate to guard against further invasions.

Good luck!
10-12-2005, 10:38
Surely this is good news ?
Moo-cows with guns
11-12-2005, 10:58
Defenders—when we work together—are some of the awesome players in this game.

A few nights ago, the region of A Van Down By The River, was targeted by the nvader group Lone Wolves United (LWU). The LWU had created an impenetrable situation with a an active update delegate and a good number of endorsements. Liberation seemed all but impossible as two previous attempts at had been thwarted by an experience invader delegate who knew how this particular part of the game was played; she was no rookie.

That made the eventual outcome all the more delicious.

Defenders from the E-Army, WPLF, Gats Gulch, The Rangers of the Refuge, the RIA, ADN, RLA, and CDA joined together to take back the region for the natives. Commaned by the E-Army's Moo-cows with guns and the WPLF's Shasoria, the operation went like clockwork. The defender forces engaged the invader delegate for a little over an hour in some of the most intense action in a very long time.

This was a battle to remember. For every 10 puppets that entered the region, the delegate was only able to eject one or two; for once the lagging of NS worked to the defender's advantage. The UNs needed to take the delegacy were interspersed within the puppets, and the delegate—in spite of her skill and obvious utilization of the XML feed—was only able to eject one UN. Thus the defender force eventually overcame the invader delegate and her endos and captured the delegacy.

Over the course of the previous couple of days, both the size of the region and the ban list ballooned. There were over 120 nations on the ban list, mostly puppets caught in the delegate's sights from the previous liberation attempts.

The fighting was swift, and the engagement lasted a little over an hour. When it was through, the defender forces emerged victorious and the LWU delegate and her endorsements were ejected from the region. But fair play and respect of the worthiness of each other's opponent was demonstrated on the Regional Message Board when the delegate posted, "Good game."

As the invaders were ejected and banned from the region, and the ban list was cleared, it became a great night for defenders. And another blow to the LWU, and invaders in general had been struck.
11-12-2005, 11:05
Nothing stands in our way to victory