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Anarcho Fascism

08-12-2005, 21:30
I have long been a believer in anarchy but a while ago I realised it had a flaw...

There will always be people that try to steal, cheat, murder and, finally, conquer. Anarchy leaves the doors open for these things to happen and disrupt the peace. That is why I have created a new form of Anarchy.

In times like today when the upper and middle class oppress and deny the rights of the proletariat, there is an obvious need to overthrow a class based system and make all children, women and men equal. Because of the way that the middle class controls the government and laws in general, the only way for the proletariat to find justice and freedom is to rebel. They must rebel with everything they have and remember the many years that they have been oppressed. They must overwhelm the oppressors with numbers and not be satisfied until they have destroyed any and all traces of the government that, if left standing, will only become corrupt and oppressive again. After this rebellion, people will live without being oppressed by their "superiors" and will learn to support one another. It will be a truly beautiful sight.

However, as history has told us, those who remember the greed of the past and carry traces of it in their minds will try to ruin a peaceful existence. They will steal, murder and conquer anything they can simply to exploit the good nature of the peaceful people and use them as a step ladder for their own rise to a position that will gain enough power to oppress the people just the same as the corrupt government that came before it.

There is a solution:
The people must fight for their peace. If there are those who rebel against the peace, they must be eliminated; if there are those who wish to exploit others for their own profit, they must be eliminated; if there are those who wish to turn the people toward hatred of one another and instigate conflict, they must be eliminated; if there are those who resist the purity of a peaceful anarchy in which all men truly are created equal, they must be eliminated. Punishments must be strong so that the would-be oppressors are intimidated and turned away from attempting to undermine peace. The people must stand firm against these capitalists and uphold their peace.

The people are not only meant to create their own peaceful anarchy but also to preserve it. The people are to be their own militia. They are their own army. They are their own guardians.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Evil little girls
08-12-2005, 21:41
I agree with this,
there is a problem: when you fight for peace and create militia, you open the door to oppression, it can easily evolve in gangfights. wich is not what anarchy is about. (I'm sure you will agree)
The answer is... I don't know what the answer is, freedom-loving people should protect themselves from oppression, but without going too far in it.
Well in order to make it work, the majority of the people has to be convinced of it's working and not seeing anarchists as the black-clad, hood-wearing rioteers they see in the news. I know that these people have the best intentions, fighting fascism and oppression (I too am one of these individuals) but it just paints a bad picture.

No-one said anarchy was easy

EDIT: what do you mean by anarcho-fascism? It sounds bad
08-12-2005, 21:51
The name "Anarcho-Fascism" is the way it is because of the similarities it has with Fascism in dealing with rebels.

Thank you for your constructive criticism. Basically what this political ideal is all about is having the people united for peace against those that only want to benefit themselves.
09-12-2005, 14:46
Perhaps the name "Enforced Anarchy" would better suit it.