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WWSETI Immigration Office

08-12-2005, 20:22
WWSETI is eager to welcome new nations to our historic region. As the most democratic region in NS, with a functioning parliament, complete with competing parties, we hope you will come and get involved in regional politics. There are many opportunities available today. In particular, we are looking for a new Minister of Health. Also, with the findings of the Constitutional Commision due soon, we hope to change our constitution to be more democratic. Reasons why you should join WWSETI:
1. Friendly and busy atmosphere. There's always something to do.
2. We have one of NS' most active forums despite our medium size.
3. We have a very active RP section, with fine RPers and threads
4. We have the BEST governmental system in NS
5. There are opportunities to gain power and influence rapidly
6. All members are welcome to propose laws for the regional parliament to vote upon.
7. We are an experienced and interesting region, with a long history and allies across NS.

Be Part of Something Great! Join WWSETI!
09-12-2005, 10:06
le bumpe