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Discussion - Formation of New State Sovereignty Alliance of UN Delegates

Brians Room
07-12-2005, 18:03
The function and appropriate jurisdiction of the United Nations has long been an issue of discussion within many regions. However, it seems that despite the refining of many arguments against the UN's interference with the internal workings of the member-states, there is a growing force of nations who believe that it is not only the UN's right, but its responsibility, to regulate the internal policies of states that may have policies that they disagree with.

We in North America have believed for a quite a while that the UN should be an administrative body only - setting policy only where an overriding international interest comes into play. Overarching treaties, such as the Law of the Sea, conflict issues such as chemical/biological/radiological weapons regulation, the rights of prisoners of war and neutral states, and other issues that affect states and regions on a macro scale are within the jurisidiction of the UN. Issues that affect the internal workings of states - definitions of marriage, gun control, euthanisia, voting and democratic process issues, etc. - should be outside the UNs jurisidiction and should rarely, if ever, be adopted.

Despite our efforts, the UN has continued to trample upon the rights of the member-states. As an effort to be inclusive and provide an alternative to simply leaving the UN, we propose a new alliance of pro-state sovereignty regional delegates who may operate as a block vote against any UN resolution that is determined by the alliance to violate state's rights. In addition, the alliance can also be used to communicate amongst our fellow delegates and whip up support for the repeal of UN resolutions that we believe violate the sanctity of the state governments.

I would propose a name such as the Coalition for State Sovereignty (CFSS), or the Alliance for State's Rights (ASR), or something similiar.

Is there any support for such an organization, and if so, how much?

I believe that North America would be willing to provide a forum for coordination on our off-site forums if there is a significant number of delegates who wish to join in our efforts to protect our rights.

I look forward to hearing from those of you who have a point of view on this topic.
07-12-2005, 19:40
OOC: Have you considered looking into the existing international organization -- National Sovereignty Organization?

Friendly people ... even if all member states are guilty of voting in favour of *some* ideas that violate national sovereignty (from time to time). ;)