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The Honor Guard

The 1st Fraggle Rock
02-12-2005, 10:57
A new region has been formed.
Our region is looking for members who are interested in
1)Roleplaying in both Interregional war and Regional politics.
2)Getting involved on the ground floor to build the region, i.e. senate, UN delegate, military.
3)Belonging to a region which stands for Loyalty, Honor, and Strength.

We accept only active players who are interested in making this region a magnet in the nationstates world. Please telegram The 1st Fraggle Rock for the password to The Honor Guard.
02-12-2005, 23:10
We no longer require a password to enter our glorious Region, however our Forum is in fact up and running and it looks great! Please come check us out and help us build our region to greatness!