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New region on the rise "The Black Desert"

30-11-2005, 03:55
President Dubghaul His Presidentcy Doyle III is pleased to announce to all nations of the world that a new region has been formed. The Black Desert is now five nations strong and is asking for support from any nation which wishes to join our alliance. We are in desperate need of members to fill our ranks and become powerfull. The Black Desert has come along nicely and now has a working forum for your posting pleasure. Please come, take a look, and keep an open mind.

President Dubghaul
His Presidency Doyle III
30-11-2005, 15:55
I hope we get more replies than this....:headbang: :headbang:
30-11-2005, 16:16
Dont worry, someone will come along interested (I am a loyal Apolytonaire sorry..) starting new regions is horribly difficult, in fact, Apolyton has a working region with people and trying to regenerate the Roleplaying there is just as tough as starting a new region altogether. But I must ask what is the focus of your region?
30-11-2005, 16:55
oh that sounds cool. Im there!:)
30-11-2005, 16:58
The aim for our region is to create a place where all nations are welcome and we rp about being harsh abd desert people.... but apparently noones interested.:( except for oldenberg THANKS
30-11-2005, 23:51
man we seriously need more people to keep an open mind and look into our region. only two peoplehave responded to this thread other than myself. Cmon people.:headbang: