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Crime problem???

30-11-2005, 00:16
What determines the crime rate??

Why is it that any legal gun ownership causes crime to go up?
What does legal ownership have to do with illegal gun use?

why does the game seem to think that there is no illegal gun crime when there is a total crackdown on guns and other civil rights?
30-11-2005, 04:57
It is a reasonable change.

Now let us take a look at this. Guns are used as protection yes? Well criminals also use them as attacking weapons. They both kill, or seriously wound, and if there are criminals and you have legal guns, there would be no stopping the criminals from shooting your police, and they couldn't do a damn thing about it. Now, if guns were outlawed, only military and police forces could get guns, which is a good thing, as then they would only need to worry about thron sharp sticks. It is very reasonable. Would you want someone to go pick up X weapon and then think, "Hmm....if I can use this legally, I could shoot the cops in the back and they would never expect it" Or would you want someone to think, "There is no access to I have a disadvantage against the cops...I just won't do the crime"?
30-11-2005, 20:32
I think you must live in a make-believe world, if you really believe that because something is illegal that no one will have it.

makeing something illegal only removes it from those who are predisposed to follow the law.

Speaking of guns in particular; look at any US city that has strict gun control laws. They have a higher rate of gun crime than those cities who have more "lax" gun laws.

In general; If makeing something illegal works to keep that thing out of the population, then lets do this:

Let's make it against the law to:
1. use drugs
2. drive while drunk
3. steal anothers property
4. rape
5. murder

This should work out well, we'll just make those things illegal, and no one will do any of them right?:rolleyes:

now, rant mode off:

There have been studies, by well known and respected academics, that as legal gun ownership and legal concealed carry laws are passed, that crime in fact goes down.
If you want links i'll find them for you, I don't have them in front of me now.
The studies have been open to peer review, and no one has found them wrong. Even those who are very "anti-gun" could not find any errors.