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Join us or Fall.

Rightous Reclamation
29-11-2005, 22:07
Join the most glorious Region of "Holy Terra," and rule the world, we shall extend our reach to the stars and Reclaim the Galaxy as Rightfully ours, belonging to the Empire of Mankind who shall extend their hand of protection over all other races, we are destined to unite the glaxy and purify our Most Holy of Races, the God of all others the Immortal Empire of Man, under our Just Leader the Immortal Emperor Amadeus Legion, we shall crush the Hertic, burn the Mutant and purify the Unclean. Join us or fall with the others.
30-11-2005, 01:21

We laugh at the fact that you are attempting for world domination. Human Beings should aquire the same equal rights as all other beings in the universe and no one group will attempt to take over the earth. Your small group will be outnumbered by thousands of other nations that will wipe the floor with you.