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Region with Congress?

Stone Bridges
29-11-2005, 05:27
Are there any reigon that has Congress or any ways that countries can take part in the region's policy?
Tagaris States
29-11-2005, 05:31
Check out The Zanziik Republic...

We have a regional Government and many ways inwhich you can partake in the policys of the region.
Ness Snorlaxia
29-11-2005, 05:45
Yes, you should check out this region, called Hyrule. We have our own regional government, called the House of Members, which all members may participate in the shaping of the region.

Check our our fourm:
29-11-2005, 06:58
The FT region/alliance of The Republic has an elected Senate that rules over our region. So yes, we do.
03-12-2005, 06:23
The Honor Guard Region will have a congress type system running soon with hopes. You may join us and help the building process:

Our congressional body is called the International Collective
New Commonwealth
20-04-2006, 04:55
The New Systems Commonwealth has several different aspects to its government. We have the Conclave, which is a tri-cameral legislative body, we have the panel of arbitors (judicial) and then we have the Triumvirate, three elected Triumvir's (they run the Commonwealth)

The choice is yours.
Exodus Promoters
20-04-2006, 05:01
Stone Bridges does not exist. What is your nations name?