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Ministers Needed!

27-11-2005, 14:27
WWSETI has found itself short of a minister. We need a Justice Minister and will welcome any applications from anywhere. The job is fun and you get to work with the nine other regional ministers. WWSETI is a parliamentary democracy with one the most advanced political structures in NS so you'd be able to join in with that too. You can suggest new laws and policies and put them to vote, as well as joining in our thriving RP section. interested?
Our regional forum can be found at
All nations are welcome, but WWSETI has a regional PW. Please join the region of "WWSETI Waiting Room" and the PW will be sent to you promptly. We are lloking for RP players in general, so if anyone else is interested, you are also very welcome.
27-11-2005, 16:29
Come on? Anybody?
I'll sob!
27-11-2005, 18:00
Still nobody? Not a sausage? Oh well... another failed idea for the pile.
28-11-2005, 05:21
Were do i sign up. I would love to.
28-11-2005, 19:01
Were do i sign up. I would love to.
All you need to do is mover your nation to the region "WWSETI Waiting Room"
Once you have done that you are free to join our regional forum, where all the work takes place and we will send you the password to enter the region. Welcome Aboard!