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Gamma Quadrant: Are YOU in it?

27-11-2005, 04:43
Not a regional advertisement

For nearly its entire history I've placed Skeelzania inside the 'Gamma Quadrant' of the Milky Way Galaxy, along with most of my puppets. Over the months I've had various neighbors, allies, and enemies, most noticeably Arenumberg and Bandalok (the latter is now deleted and I'm unsure of the former's current IC state). For my factbooks I've used them as a standard to measure Skeelzania's relative might throughout the whole Quadrant, which is unfair because there's probably plenty of tough nations out there I just haven't met. This is especially important for me, because Skeelzania claims the entire friggin Quadrant (controlling only a fraction, of course).

That brings us to the point of this thread. I would like to know who RPs a nation, main, puppet, or alt, inside the Gamma Quadrant. For my purposes I use the Star Trek atlas in defining the Quadrants, with Sol being on the Alpha-Beta border in the far south. Ironically, I've only ever RPed with two Star-Trek-tech nations, which Skeelzania definetly isn't.

The Milky Way as per Star Trek (

So, if you have a nation that falls within the Gamma Quadrant, please post here so we could actually get a good idea of who are neighbors are. Even if you've never said "I'm in the Gamma Quadrant", if your nation falls in the general area I'd like to know.
Northern Sushi
27-11-2005, 04:45
Is this an ad for a region???
27-11-2005, 04:50
Is this an ad for a region???

No. Its a question regarding where you RP your nation existing. Perhaps I should add that though, thanks.