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Regions Wanted

Northern Sushi
26-11-2005, 20:27
We are currently looking for regions for alliances and protectorates. If your region is interested, please contact Ceorana or me via telegram. We are a new region with good RP and strong powers. We can also help with the set-up of your new region. We have created several great regions in the past.

Isles of A Better World
Transport Minister
Harr the Great
Northern Sushi
26-11-2005, 21:29
:) NEW!

forum re-open soon
English Humour
26-11-2005, 21:29
An alliance could be worked out with "The Region of Funny Guys". Telegram "English Humour".
26-11-2005, 23:14
You may also want to check out the different levels of membership in the Better World Alliance. (