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Anglosphere Alliance

Great Britain---
26-11-2005, 12:42
There is an alliance called the 'Anglosphere Alliance' or AA, it is an Union that brings British, American, Australian, Canadian and New Zealand regions closer together.

People from these anglo-countries dont just share the same language -- a lot of History, Culture and Values are closely linked -- the AA is a great way of harnessing our common strengths to benefit the Defending cause in the Nationstates world.

Senior members of the AA are currently recruiting for new regions to join with the expectation that soon this Organisation will take an integral role in Nationstates Defending.

These are the current members of the AA: Federal Commonwealth Society, A Federal Commonwealth Society, British Commonwealth, British Overseas Territory, Empire of Great Britain, Birmingham, The British Federal Union.

Is your region interesting in joining the Anglosphere Alliance?
The Top God
26-11-2005, 20:18
This is great but remember the name is Random region of Nationstates
(and we have no password!!):D ;) :) :p :cool:
Great Britain---
27-11-2005, 20:12
Ok, i'll remember. ;)

The AA forum is here btw: