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Come to Mogkal!

22-11-2005, 23:47
Welcome. Right now, the contient (or region) of Mogkal has much unoccupied space. We are allowing nations to come into our region now. Since we have set up a password to protect it from invasion, please TG me if you are interested. Here is the factbook:


World Factbook Entry: Mogkal is a fairly large continent. It contains varies types of regions, and is a mostly temperate zone. It is made of many smaller nations, and has history dating back thousands and thousands of years. The first know nation to be founded in Mogal was the nation of Tocoria. The costal parts of Mogkal are often foggy and humid.
23-11-2005, 14:19
Okay, we have got two new people to join.
Present Day Comatica
09-12-2005, 19:08
Bumped, and *emphasized*

You may also TG me if you are interested, too. I'm the largest nation in the region so far, and I've been given authority to allow nations into Mogkal.

EDIT: Also, I am on more often, so it might be a better idea to telegram me.