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22-11-2005, 05:20
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Republic~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Republic is a grouping of nations that have joined together, either by will or by force. The Republic is a fair, and prosperous alliance, with a strong military infrastructure of the combined nations to help protect one another.

The Republic is not just an alliance, however, it is it's own nation in some ways. It has social and political levels, and it's own code of laws that all of it's members must follow. These levels can be best organised into three groups: Members, Citizens and Senators.


Everyone new to the Republic is automatically a member. Members hold the lowest level in the Republic. Members have no rights, political say, or say at all. Members are basically one step above slaves. They cannot refuse orders given by the Republic and must treat citizens well and respect them. Members cannot hold government or military positions.


The citizens are the lifeblood of the Republic. Without them there is no Republic. Citizens have the right to freedom of speach, to refuse orders given by the Republic, and to have a fair trial. They also have a large political say, and must be listened to by everyone in the Republic. Citizens can hold military positions, and can vote and run in the Senatorial Elections.

To become a citizen, a member must have been in the Republic for a minimum of five days, and must comply with conditions placed upon them by the Republic.


Senators are the same as citizens and are equal to, not above citizens. Senators make up the Imperial Senate of the Republic, which is the governing body of the Republic. Senators may hold any position in the Republic. Being a Senator means greater power and respect, but also more responsability. It is their duty to ensure that the Republic runs smoothly and must be active on the forums or they shall be forced to resign.

That is the IC explanation of our organisation, now the OOC. The Republic is a FT alliance that is rather powerful, tho we have a loss in members as of late. If your a new nation and want to get to know the ropes of the universal community, or if your an experienced member looking for a fun experience, join the Republic. The only thing we ask, is that you join our region "The Republic" so that we can better keep track of all our members. We also ask that you sign up on our offsite forums so you can know what's going on, become a citizen, and run/vote in the Senatorial Elections.

Come one! Come all! And join the great Republic!
23-11-2005, 02:54
No takers so far?
Evil Woody Thoughts
24-11-2005, 01:27
No takers so far?

I don't think many nations would be too interested in being slaves for five days. That might be why:p
24-11-2005, 01:32
I say it only to be dramatic and ICly. We are actually quite nice and leave little comparison between actual citizens and members. Basically the only difference is you can't vote, and we often ignore your political ideas.