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Titan AE

San Timetheos
20-11-2005, 16:02
Greetings NationStates,

I would like to invite you to join the region of Titan AE where I am currently positioned. The region is an ever growing community that is looking to expand our numbers.
If you’re looking for supportive regions, it may interest you to know that Titan AE belongs to a regional defence organization that defends our Nations, our borders, and other regions that are unfairly attacked. This organization is called Allied Defence Network, and you can join it by contacting our Secretary of Defence (Konanzia).
We have an ever growing population that is closely allied with other regions and we work together as a team to become even stronger.
We have many friendly members that are very active and will help you with any concerns you may have.
Our active forum still has a few higher member positions if you were interested, but even if you didn't, you would still get a strong say in how our region is run. Applications to our Regional Senate are relatively easy and give you an even louder voice within our forum debates.
If you are interested, feel free to ask any questions and/or check out the region itself.

If you do decide to join (as we hope you will) please follow these three steps:

1) Click on my nation to the left of this text to view my nation.
2) Where my location is shown, click on "Titan AE" which will take you to our regional list of nations.
3) Near the top of the screen, click to "move (your nation) to Titan AE"
I hope to see you in the forum!!

With Regards,
San Timetheos,
UN Delegate, Titan AE.