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What are the times of updates?

18-11-2005, 02:40
I live in the upper mid-western region of the United States (wisconsin/minnesota) and I was just wondering when the times of daily updates are. Example: I have two issues per day, but what time of the day do they arrive? and when does the site update my national status (econo/civil/political rights/population etc) and all that jazz?

Thank you in advance for your comments!
18-11-2005, 02:44
When do the updates run? What do they do? How long do they take to complete?

There are two update times, which (regardless of any official terms) I call the "major update" and the "minor update". During both updates, any issue choices made by your nation are processed and for nations set to two issues per day (or per weekday), an issue is placed in there issue box. Extra things happen only during only the major update. First off, the Delegacy of a region can only change hands during this time. Also, the UN rankings are updated during the update (as it cycles through the regions) and the new list is posted at the very end of the update.

Update times:
Major: Between 2 to 4 AM EST in my experiance - Exact ending time is variable, but can be verified by the new UN Rankings being published.
Minor: I haven't figured out when this has been ever since the Jolt move, but I'd guesstimate between 2 to 4 PM EST.

Not sure what time zone you're in, but I guess it's near to EST.