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reserved names

The White Stars
16-11-2005, 20:45
hi, it´s my first post and i have this doubt

i wanted to create a new nation with the name of one of my provinces in role-play, but it says that name is reserved

now my question is, if someone let his nation be deleted, why should that name remain reserved? i understand that sometimes people go on vacation and they forget about this and then they want the nation back, but in this case i´ve tried to create this nation 4 months ago

this means that tthe guy who created this nation doesn´t give a toss about that nation for the last 5 months. so why doesn´t that name became available again instead of being reserved for someone who clearly doesn´t care?

Zepplin Manufacturers
16-11-2005, 20:54
First this belongs in gameplay (

Second people can and have come back years later and requested the mods resurect there nation.
Rouge Jiggady
16-11-2005, 22:05
yeah...I just reactivated this nation after about a nine month layoff
16-11-2005, 22:30
I resurrected this one after 6 months and am thinking of resurrecting another one that has been dead for almost a year... However, when a name goes unclaimed for 18 months, the moderators said they will release it. I don't think they have yet... <_< >_>