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Politcally-minded nations wanted!

16-11-2005, 11:47
Yes, I do realise that this is an advert of sorts. And yes I know everybody hates adverts, and probably hates me for posting this but meh...
In our region, WWSETI, we're having a bit of an experiment. WWSETI has brought in a parliamentary democracy, which can be found on our forum We're hoping to make WWSETI a region for political debate and the exchange of ideas. We're one of the oldest surviving regions in the game and we've got a much higher ratio of active nations than most regions.
We've already set up 5 parties: The Centrists, Socialists, Conservatives, Communists and Christian Republicans. We would really like more politically minded nations to come and join us, take part in our elections and who knows, maybe get elected. Currently, a moderate left-wing coalition has control of parliament. You could help cement that position, or if you really want to... you could destroy it...
If you are interested, why not try us out. We've got rping and other stuff going on as well, so there is something for everyone.