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Industry Mixup

The Helghan Empire
15-11-2005, 23:50
Mmkay, so if you see on my nation page, my major industry is Arms Manufacturing. Well, as I've seen on many economic pages, such as NSEconomy.Thirdgeek, and others, it says my major indus. is Uranium Mining. Uranium Mining was my last major indus. could it be that the NS Economy pages have not updated - Despite a majority of others say Uran. Mining is mine? Or is there a mistake on my NS page?
So...wich is my real industry?

I hope that my real industry is Arm Manufacturing
15-11-2005, 23:58
NSEconomy and the like are based on the XML feed. Yours does say Uranium Mining. I'm afraid I don't know why there is the apparent disparity. Your national description states there is a black market in Arms Manufacturing, but it doesn't explicitly say it is the main industry. So it could be certain variables have clashed, and Uranium is one of the main ones, but Arms is the only to show up.