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How do I...

10-11-2005, 16:35
Ok so i started off with a non-capitalist economy and then i chose to allow private ownership for a RP piece but since then only about 3% of my issues have been related to the ecnomy which is annoying enough but my real question is: is there an issue or selection of issues i can take to abolish the capitalist economy after i've introduced it - and if not, why not?
10-11-2005, 19:16
There is such an issue, "Economic Collapse Looms", and you can choose to outlaw capitalism and private enterprise. This does implode your economy and raise your income tax rate drastically, however.
10-11-2005, 20:15
Well seeing as i have 100% income tax and have supported a frightening economy for at least 18 months i'm sure it won't be too drastic... so how come i haven't seen this issue in MONTHS, eh mods, eh?