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Description of RK tech level (and some more questions)

Random Kingdom
08-11-2005, 23:19
Random Kingdom is not fully Modern Tech or fully Future Tech, but falls broadly into the range between PostModern and Near-Future.

Characteristics of PMT:

Primitive space project
No interstellar colonies
Mostly human population
Humans are still naturally born
Largely early 21st century culture

Characteristics of NFT:

A near-earth mining colony
Civerians (geckoids) largely synthetically produced
Most cities are now arcologies
Computerized government
Great interest in space colonies

RK is currently in the year 2112AD (or 32 AR (After Reform - in 2080AD a lot of the RK calendar characteristics were modernized, such as the "quarter 366th day" and separation of time from Earth rotation).

And now for the questions. In the tech level described above, which of these below technologies would be available for the average nation?

All the above
Synthetic human production
Neural interface (ie a machine code to brain signal electrical translator)
Cryogenics/stasis suitable for humans
Adaptive AI
Fast spaceship production