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Real life nations in NationStates

08-11-2005, 12:01
I have no clue what forced me to make this list, but I think it's pretty neat to have around. This is going to be the list where real life nations (where you and me live) are listed. Nations like Russia, China, America, Autro-Hungary... you know the whole list better than I do. Here she is! I've took the liberty of adding (important) cities too, and deceased nations as well. You know who existed. Parts of nations, provinces (BC, WA, Russian parts... etc) are also added. Slight variations such as a space left out, spelling in a different language will be added of course.

I'll put this in random order, perhaps I'll make a sorted list later on. Nations are not listed by region, but by RL location. So Egypt being located in, let's say, Europe will be added to Africa. RL nations such as The German Empire are also added, since that nation has existed.

Malawi (
Nigeria (
Kenya (
Comoros (
Western Sahara (
Upper Volta (
Tunis (deceased)
[CITY] Windhoek (deceased)
[CITY] Yaounde (deceased)
[CITY] Sterkfontein (deceased)
Guinea Equatorial (deceased)
The Gold Coast (deceased)
[CITY] Lusaka (

Both America's
America (
Florida (
Quebec (
Kalaallit Nunaat ( (Greenland)
[CITY] Winnipeg (
[CITY] Eureka (
[DISTRICT] Kitimat (

Oceania, Pacific & Australia
Tuvalu (deceased)
New Zealand (deceased)
[COLONY] Deutsch Neuguinea ( (German New Guinea)
[COLONY] Deutsch Samoa ( (German Samoa)
Wallis and Futuna (
WesternAustralia (

Belarus (
Soviet Ukraine (
Tzarist Russia (
Luxemborg (
[CITY] Hanzestadt Danzig (
France (
German Empire (
[DISTRICT] Twente (
Italia ( (Italy)
[CITY] Constantinopolis ( (Constantinople)
Holy Vatican See (deceased - Vatican, Holy See, Vatican City)
[CITY] Zurich (
Germany (
Oberammergau (deceased)

Kazakhstan (
Tzarist Russia (
Tadjikistan (
[CITY] Kathiawar (
Singapore (
Mohenjo Daro (
Harappa (
Sino (deceased)
Kyrgyz (deceased)
[CITY] Aqaba (
Susa (deceased)
08-11-2005, 13:23
Kot Diji and Mergarh were also once real life nations. They were located in present day Pakistan and existed before Mohenjo-Daro (of which there were two different incarnations at one time) and Harrapa which is also a former NS nation.
08-11-2005, 13:24
I forgot to mention Susa_. He's around here somewhere.
09-11-2005, 15:30
I knew someone was going to bring up the names of people who are spelt like the following: America--, -America, Americ a, Amerika, Emerica... and all associated variations.

Updated btw
09-11-2005, 21:38
Im thinking of making a puppet called the "Union of Soviet Socialist Republics". It'd be interesting. I'm surprised noone's done it yet.
09-11-2005, 21:45
No-one's done it yet because it doesn't fit in the box. I tried it too.
10-11-2005, 00:52
Wales is a region I noticed once.
10-11-2005, 12:06
Wales is a region I noticed once.Everyone can make a region named after a nation or a real life region. It's not that hard.
10-11-2005, 14:07
I knew someone was going to bring up the names of people who are spelt like the following: America--, -America, Americ a, Amerika, Emerica... and all associated variations.

Updated btw
I kept the original Susa, but I lost the password for it so now its gone forever. Or at least until Max goes ahead with his nation release thing.
10-11-2005, 16:31
i know that WesternAustralia is a playing nation
St Edmund
10-11-2005, 20:03
'Wallis and Futuna' is a French colony in the south-west Pacific, not in the Americas...
11-11-2005, 10:52
Knootian East Indies
16-12-2005, 16:08
I hate the colonymongering and RL map shit, but generally Knootoss is taken to be the "NS Netherlands" in many ways whilst having a paralllel but different history and being in many ways different.
16-12-2005, 17:27
True but this list is, in its endless uselessness, made to list nations who bear a real life nation name. Most of them don't even play on the forums... Russian Forces was and recognized by many the NationStates Soviet Union.