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The Eternal Kawaii Goes Nuclear?

The Eternal Kawaii
08-11-2005, 02:25
To build the Bomb, or not to build. That is the question facing Our nation this day.

Apparently when your nation gets large enough (We hit a billion a couple of weeks ago), one of your issues has your military scientists proposing to build nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. Our government is facing a serious debate over this issue:

On the one hand, Our Conclave of Peace is demanding nuclear arms as the ultimate guarantor of Our nation's security. Given that We are a theocracy surrounded, it seems, by a sea of secular nations sometimes quite hostile to Our way of life, it is a strong argument.

On the other hand, Our Conclave of Beauty is aghast at the proposed NBC weapons testing program, which they claim will wreck havoc upon Our nation's environment. Since protecting the environment is a Holy Duty, We are hard-pressed to justify this weapons development, regardless of what the Conclave of Peace demands.

Can any nation who has faced this issue share with Us their experience? What is the likely result? Radioactive wastelands, extortion by nuclear-armed neighbors, attacks by Godzilla?