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Florida-A Right-Wing Paradise

Florida Oranges
02-11-2005, 03:13

Soft white sand. The mellow crashing of waves against the shoreline. The gentle coo of seagulls in the distance and the shaking of a palm tree from a cool breeze on a sunny, cloudless day. These are the qualities that have collected to make the Florida peninsula one of the hottest vacation spots in the world. These are the traits that have earned Florida the nickname the Sunshine State.

And yet despite the gentle sunsets, the palms, the beaches, and the notorious bikini-clad women, Florida has managed to tough out a reputation as a rough and tumble southern state full of country boys, conservatives, and gun nuts alike. Under the strong and faithful leadership of Jeb Bush, Florida has deeply prospered, even after constant batterings from the likes of hurricanes Wilma, Charley, and Francis. The right-wing rule supreme down here and for good reason. That is why I, Florida Oranges, the proud delegate of the region Florida, wish to extend a personal invitation to all real men, right-wingers, capitalists, gun nuts, confederates, and southernerrs to exercise the use of our beautiful coasts and our miles of stretching beaches. Even if you stop in just for a brief visit, we'd still like to hear from you and your friends.

Florida is constantly growing, in the real world and on Nationstates both. In the 50s Florida was hardly populated, nothing more than a big piece of land with a lot of woodland and nearly zero houses. Perhaps that's what our region is like in this present-day. But like our real life counterpart, we shall grow; we'll hit a baby boom, and when we do we'll be a force to be reckoned with. The current Florida inhabitants are a hardcore group of Americans with a vested interest in sparking a conservative movement in the United Nations and changing some things for the better. There may be only a few of us but we are dedicated, and proud members of the "Government" alliance, a unison that boasts the control of numerous states including Washington, Maine, Rhode Island, Florida, and much much more. We are inclined to be anti-UN though several of us have joined specifically to fight the tyranny that's infested it as of late. We offer monthly delegacy elections, congressman positions, and other official cabinet titles. Despite our right-wing tendencies, we like to think of ourselves as highly democratic; all opinions are welcome though moderate to conservative ones are more encouraged.

Don't be a square. Stop in Florida, put on your thong, and dump yourself in your choice of the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico. We guarentee you won't be disappointed with your choice.