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What are all these government types and what makes them so?

Phriykui Linoy Li Esis
01-11-2005, 07:05
I am an inoffensive centrist democracy and I can understand what that is vaguely. I assume it consists of political partys who aim to gain votes rather than support a particular ideal and thus are very centrist as they try to get right wing and left wing to vote for them and very inoffensive because they always try to compromise between conflicting groups in order to get votes from both of them. Though I have no idea what many of the other governments I see are and can only guess at how these government types are defined.

Are there any abstract principles that decide how these governments differ and how you cannot have a smooth change from one type of government to another? For instance, a capitalist paradise could be a country which is capitalist and a democracy and a capitalist police state is a country which is capitalist and a despotism. Is this the same for all nations? Are there any abstract lines which guide the various governments in nationstates?

01-11-2005, 14:33
This thread ( may be helpful. NSTracker ( (if the link doesn't work, go through the Wiki page ( also had brief explanations of each government type. Finally, your national description should give you some clue.

The things that affect your category are 'freedoms' (as far as I know these are the only considerations). You have 'personal', 'political' and 'economic' freedoms. The first two are believed to be largely reflected by your Civil Rights and Political Freedoms rankings; the latter is more complex, apparently. Your category reflects how free various aspects of society are: capitalist types are more economically free, dictatorships less politically free, libertarian states more personally free, and so on.
Phriykui Linoy Li Esis
02-11-2005, 02:38
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