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Star Wars Galaxy, What will be your path?

The Dark Sith Jedi
31-10-2005, 02:57
Tired of those pain in the @$$ Star Wars Region with democracy? I know I was thats why I decided to join Star Wars Galaxy. I got tired of Star Wars regions with democracy, all they did was control your life! but a very New region in Nation States created a few weeks ago. It is looking for members that are willing to help write a new chapter in Star Wars Regons.

Why you should join

- Has a central government, though not everybody needs to follow, I mean the Galaxy is a big place, and its hard to Govern. Factions govern themselves, though look up to the central government.

- There are 5 factions The Galactic Republic, The Galactic Empire, The Jedi Order, The Sith Empire, and of course the Rebel Alliance. If you feel that your path is leading you to another direction, then become an Independant, where you are under no ones control, and if your not caught, free to do as you wish.

- Role playing (RP) will be one of the bigger parts of Star Wars Galaxy, you can either have spectacular Adverntures that span the Galaxy, or Command a fleet above Yavin 4 in an attempt to invade.

- The Chancellor will be the "main man" of the galactic senate, he will have special abilities, and will be endorsed to become UN Delegate, and run the whole Galaxy, the founder cannot step in and take power away from the Chancellor, like in The Galactic Senate. Also in times of war the Central Government can vote and make the Chancellor a Supreme Chancellor in which he has total contral of the Star Wars Galaxy.

- Of course what would be fun if we didn't have a military force, the Star Wars Galaxy Armed Forces (SWGAF) are for nations to join who with to defend our Region, and to attack anyone that gets on our nerves, be a private on the battlegrounds or a commanding general making the plan.

- Of course we have a marketplace where you can buy and sell goods, and of course a money system based on posts, job, planetary bonuses, and whatever else is thought up.

so if it be being a scoundral or a diplomat, an army general or a pirate, is what you want then Star Wars Galaxy is the place for you. Join now!
The Dark Sith Jedi
01-11-2005, 23:45
On the Star Wars Galaxy Forum there are three things you probably won't find anywhere else Located on your profile.

Galactic Credits-Money you recive for posting and being active, not the only way to get money :)

Planetary Bonus Points- Points you recieve so that you can update things on your plants, only flaw is that you will need to pay for it also

Battleground Bonus Points- Points that you can use to build, and later unleash superweapons to help you fight in battles/wars, you can combine points with allies to get ther bonus, or even with faction members

Here is a visual aid, click on the link below \/
The Dark Sith Jedi
03-11-2005, 00:47
There are several positions of power avialbe!!!! From a Faction Leader, to Chancellor, and of course Admin!!!! The more that join the faster the power for you will grow!!! Join up now!