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Is this legal

29-10-2005, 10:26
My region has recently been invaded by a force who basically just did so for the glory of it. Now, I have proof that they have done it from their regional messageboards. Is it legal to get in a force to help defend us and kick out the invaders? They have not done anything yet except seize delegacy, but I'm worried they may continue on to worse things.
New Pindorama
29-10-2005, 10:43
I don't think it's illegal. What's the matter of defending your region??
Crazy girl
29-10-2005, 10:46
if your region has been taken over by outside forces (invaders) it is legal to ask an outside organisation for help to get rid of the invaders. There are several groups in the gameplay part of the game specialised in just this.
29-10-2005, 10:49
OK, thanks for the response. I've contacted a region designed for that purpose now :)
Crazy girl
29-10-2005, 10:51
Yeah, I saw, 10K islands, good choice ;)
29-10-2005, 13:22
Heh. It was a false alert from the first region, but a SECOND region has now taken power, and I'm not going to stand for that:

The region of Albion has been invaded. The Eurasian Republic sees this territory as a neccassery step to further the glory of our cause. Co-operate and you will not be harmed. Resist and you will be ejected. However no war crimes will be commited. We are honourable people and will ensure that all natives are given the password accordingly.

Signed ER Field Commander
General Doherty