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Is this the end?

27-10-2005, 22:10
Many important regions such as "blue moon" are dying.
I'v been to 4 regions since I joined this game, and out of those four, one is dead, one is officialy dead but has not been deleted yet, and the other two have become chatting places rather than real regions.
Is this the end? are we running out of regions, or are we just renewing them? It appears the 1st generation is over, how will the next one look like?
It is always sad when a region dies: you lose track of people who are very nice . People who could possibly turn into close friends. I really miss the good old times...
Please share here your region's history: is it dead or alive? do you miss the nations who left?
United Island Empires
28-10-2005, 13:50
It appears the 1st generation is over, how will the next one look like?

We are the 2nd generation. My region of the Lesser Antilles has only been about for about 2 months, and we already have 150 nations. It is sad when regions die, but the world of region management is a tough business.
28-10-2005, 16:02
Actually, we're up to the 4th or 5th generation now.

However, NS has been losing its appeal. We're at 110,000 active nations now, down from 145,000 over the summer. The number of UN delegates has gone down. More active posters have left, and fewer have joined.
Chao Fa
28-10-2005, 19:34
Like an old saying... from the great Mao Communist China
death to the 4 olds.

I'll translate.... so the old dies... make way for the new.:D
Neo Kervoskia
28-10-2005, 21:12
World growth is only 1%.
28-10-2005, 21:51
My region just had a nice rebirth, actually....two and a half years and still going strong, although we had almost fallen to the passing of the ages.

But yes, many of the great regions have fallen. Blue Moon is just one of them, and it far predates 2005 - in fact, its greatest power was in 2003 and its greatest rival was Mercia, which is almost just a memory now. Or there is Urbanites, a once mighty region now falling to the ravages of time and lack of continued interest. I see the Freedom Fighters, the proud descendents of the Pacific Army, fallen into quiescence, and the New Meritocracy, once a center of the NationStates world, is now, although still active in its own way, no longer a major interregional power. And smaller regions such as Cannabis Island or the Zyzox regions are almost unheard of now.

I amar prestar aen.
Han mathon ne quentasta.
Han mathon ne tyaliƫ.
A han nostron ne celma.
28-10-2005, 21:57
However, NS has been losing its appeal.
It's cyclical, and always has been. It has more to do with things like summer and school than it does NS losing its appeal. Regions change. People move on. Others join and are considered n00bs (and beneath notice) until they get venerable.

It's the internet. It's like this everywhere.
Random Kingdom
29-10-2005, 20:32
Our nation, the Golden Hills, was once a prosperous region of 40 nations (mainly due to spamming UN arrivals), but it got 'crashed, sunk to about 5 nations (which was the toll when I joined, ironically), and became passworded.

Out of interest, did anyone here once get a spam telegram from me when they joined the UN?