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Calling all rich, non-UN Nations.

United Island Empires
24-10-2005, 15:52
Do want your economy to grow without being told what to do by the UN?
Do you want do join an alliance that actually helps your economy?

Then come to the Lesser Antilles!
We are largest UN free region and we are devoted to helping you and your economy. Join the LAEC (Lesser Antilles Economic Community) and get support and free trade with other nations. Fight the UN and join our forum to decide on the plan of action. We also have a website, a regional currency, a government and treaties to sign.
Join the revolution!!!

To move to the Lesser Antilles:
1. Click "The World" link
2. Type Lesser Antilles in the "Find Region" field and then press enter
3. Now Click on "Move (your nation) to Lesser Antilles"

Thank you
United Island Empires
26-10-2005, 16:06
Can't talk, Bumping