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Looking for Future-Tech Region

17-10-2005, 16:07
I've decided to go with Future-Tech, I'm just looking for a FT region.
17-10-2005, 16:22
You can move to Athar, we have two moons open for colonization (if you're into space FT RPs) and accept all tech levels. I'm sure we have at least one other FT nation. (It used to be two but one of them died of inactivity. Yeah, we're kind of inactive right now, until our UN Delegate moves into his new apartment, our Defense Minister logs in, etc.)

~Czardas, Athrian Founder & Prime Minister
Bandu prime
17-10-2005, 20:27
i was wondering if you had room for a ringworld colony (as in a halo ring world).........

anyway, ill be starting with present/near future tech, and then go into things like HALO/HALO2 and mechwarriors, and after awhile of that, i might start skimming into star trek tech
Psyker Bearzerkers
17-10-2005, 22:27
Halo seems the best, hard weapons and armor! Armor rocks. lasers are okay but the whole laser rifle and cannon with fussion/fission blasters just gets out of hand. Well avoid the god moders. :>
Bandu prime
18-10-2005, 10:22
good, ill take that into advice, and forego phaser/blaster weaponry.......

i have decided to make a website for bandu prime ,and will have various things, such as maps, militaria tech/ troop and supply stats, relative culture and government system layouts, and more......
18-10-2005, 21:27
You do not need to have tech barriers between regions. Go to UCFN. Really, its a better place then regions oriented towards a tech level. UCFN has a great forum though, and is open to all tech levels and political ideologies, but there is one rule: you must be anti-UN.