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To the people of NationStates

15-10-2005, 05:32
I have transmitted the following message to the applicable persons:

To the Director of the Alliance Defense Network, Pope Hope,
and to the Deputy Director, SWATH,
and to the Secretary of State, Blackbird:

I, as leader of Goobergunchia, hereby tender my resignation from the position of Alliance Defense Network Deputy Secretary of State due to my general inactivity in the game of NationStates. This has been brought on by an acute case of "getting a life" contracted in Claremont, California. It seems my period of greatly expanded inactivity due to going to college is indefinite in duration and may even be permanent. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Signed by the President of the Liberal Unitary Republic of Goobergunchia, Founder of Democratic Underground, and its dominions, including the Liberal Unitary Republic of Goobergunchia II, of Nasicournia, and the Liberal Unitary Republic of Goobergunchia III, nomadic state.

My UN will still be out there, and I have a perfectly good AIM account for contacting. I also may get on IRC from time to time, and I will of course continue to maintain NSwiki. But don't expect to see me around very much.

NationStates has been a quite enjoyable experience for the last two and a half years, and I will never truly quit the game until some last few matters are resolved, such as the Pacific question. However, I no longer plan to take a particularly active stance in NationStates, and even of late I have been feeling out of step with the newer age of NationStates; the epic battles of the past seem to belong to just that, the past. It's been fun.
Crazy girl
15-10-2005, 07:54
Goobs :(

16-10-2005, 12:11
Whoa... Goobs... wth...You can't be leaving Nationstates :(

If infact you are defying the above rule, then I just have to say:
you were one of the first people i saw on these forums over 2 years ago now, you just kinda seemed a part of the NS experience...

good luck with whatever!
16-10-2005, 12:23
See ya Goob, NS won't be the same without you :(
:fluffle: (someone had to:p)
Texan Hotrodders
16-10-2005, 12:25
May your car always work properly, Goob. (That's my way of saying good luck.;) )
16-10-2005, 13:47
I'd like to come up with some appropriately Celtic wish, but, "May the road rise up to meet you!" always sreemed to me the sort of thing you'd say to a drunk, hoping he'd have a soft landing when he finally collapsed on his way home.

Maybe that is an appropriately Celtic wish.

But you wouldn't be needing that, would you, not in your first year of Uni ... so I'll just say an appreciative goodbye from Ardchoille, which is my UN nation, and from Findhorn, which the misbegotten Jolt server won't let me log out of.
16-10-2005, 15:25
awwww.... come play on IRC sometimes Goober. I hope you manage to carve out some time for NS in the future and thank God you're maintaining the Wiki.

But you're in California now. :D Of course, you're in LA, it's not as pretty as SF is.
16-10-2005, 16:48
You'll be missed, sir. Good luck with that damnable Real World.
16-10-2005, 17:36
Open Transmission
From: The Libertarian Concordance of Czardas

Greetings from the Concordance! The Libertarian Concordance of Czardas is saddened to hear that The Liberal Unitary Republic of Goobergunchia has chosen to cease its activities in NationStates. We hope that you will occasionally return to visit us and note that your departure is only the most recent in a series of recent ones.

The Concordance wishes all a pleasant day.

~The player behind Czardas, and no I'm not going to sign it with my real name!!!