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The Democratic Alliance

12-10-2005, 18:19
I want to establish alliance of democratic states and regions.I don't talk about military alliance,I am talk about idealistic alliance.The alliance mission
is to struggle in the United Nations and in other places for the democracy and the following rights:
1.The right to vote and be voted(to parliament,prime prsidency/prime ministership,etc.)
2.The right on the body(the right to not be sexually abused,the right to not be slave,the right to not be tortured etc.)
3.The freedom of speech(except extreme groups and inciter groups)
4.The freedom of art(the freedom to paint,draw,write etc whatever i want that not make too much damage for the other person or to draw,paint etc.
something that opposing other rights)
5.The right to live(the right to not be murdered,the requirment from the state to defend her people from murders,terror and another states agression,etc.)
6.The right to honor(the right of people to live in honor,in other words
the requirement of the goverment to try to give her people basic honor
conditions and to favor it from give too much help for the wealthies like very low taxes for the rich)
7.The right of religion(the right to believe in any religion without persecution
from the goverment or the people,the requirment of the goverment to defend
her people from religious persecution,etc.)
8.The freedom of science(the freedom to research or publish theory that oppose the religion and religious view)
I hope that regions and states join this alliance and i also hope that you can
offer new rights or editing of existent rights.
William Jacques,
President and Foreign Minister,
Democratic Republic of Adnaria.