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The Empire

Rusca II
28-06-2005, 01:06
The Empire is a very open alliance. If you are looking for a region to join we are here and welcome all. If you are looking for a place to move your region or gain a powerful ally to help your region than join the multi-regional alliance of the Empire. We are a small region but have powerful allies. So come and join us. If you have any questions about what the Empire's plans are what it offers you yourself, or your region come speak with me privatly or post it here. I can promise a response if you telegram me, but I can not promise one if you do it here. I will try my hardest to answer any and all questions. So please come and join THE CAPITAL OF THE EMPIRE or add your region to the alliance of the EMPIRE.
Rusca II
28-06-2005, 21:53
The Empire has entered negotiations with other great regoins. We are planning on setting up a lot of direct and indirect alliances with these regions. We are also planning on joining great alliances that have been previously set up by other regions. If you would like to join the Empire or ally yourself with it just telegram me or post it here. The Empire is open to all ideals. So if you are a single nation wishing to find something better or just some where to go you are welcome here at the Empire.
29-06-2005, 16:09
I am the Military advisor of the Empire and I am here to invite all nations that are wanting to come and help set up and start a government should come to THE CAPITAL OF THE EMPIRE. Once you have joined you can send your military puppet to THE GREAT POWER OF THE EMPIRE. Like Rusca II said before your whole region can join the Empire. You do not have to move from that region. All you have to do is telegram Rusca II. He will inform you on what most occur for your region to join the Empire.
Rusca II
29-06-2005, 22:21
We have more regions in our Empire and have others that are allies to the Empire. The regions are THE NORTH EMPIRE, THE SOUTHERN EMPIRE, THE WESTERN EMPIRE, THE EASTERN EMPIRE, and THE OUTSKIRTS OF THE EMPIRE. All of those answer to THE CAPITAL OF THE EMPIRE. All of the Empires future military will be kept at THE GREAT POWER OF THE EMPIRE. All of these regions answer to THE CAPITAL OF THE EMPIRE. We are at the moment looking for a governener of all of these regions. If you are up for it and are the first to approach me you will be the new governer of the east. No matter which of these regions you are in you can take part in the Emperial government and park all of your military puppets in THE GREAT POWER OF THE EMPIRE.
The Governers of all these regions are the acting leaders of the regions themselves. Each region than has elected officials to represent them in both the Council and the Board of Officials.
If any of this is what you are looking for either telegram me or join any of the regoins other than the military post of THE GREAT POWER OF THE EMPIRE.
30-06-2005, 20:01
Our nation is highly militaristic and enthusiastic about expansion, both of which seem to be well accomodated within the Empire, therefore we seek your approval of our entry to be part of its glory.