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just something weird i noticed...

24-06-2005, 03:42
did anyone notice that the nation with the lowest police ratio in the world has no crime... no police AND no crime... hmm.... connection? i think there IS!
25-06-2005, 03:28
Reason for that is nobody to report to and keep the usual records a policed state might have in place. How do you figure they justify funding a police force with figures? Thus graphs of crimes to show they are needed first then they are doing something.
A local county city consolidated some years ago. They started counting all crime in both as the city... Thus crimes in city went more than double the first year of the consolidation in second largest city in state. First thing folks didn't want it did was jump on that. As this city was second largest in state and fifth largest in state had been consolidated several years had but these reports not show this jump in crime that first year.. Nobody considered the smaller city/county reported separate crime for two years after consolidation thus smaller city only jumped a few per cent more in those years... nobody mention it tripled in third year when county crimes added. Thus it was about same effect as the larger one.... a big increase when city/county one report.

Still only way they got any reports is funding staff to keep the records and dream up all those pretty charts.. In a non police world nobody keeps count... If there is crime then people handle it... Rope is still cheap and there are still a few strong trees around in my part of the world. We still hang folks here...
25-06-2005, 03:37
You know it is probably a funny game loop that doesn't make sense until it happens to you.
25-06-2005, 04:09
Then the loop works right because nobody to keep count nothing to report so no crimes... Also have to have somebody investigate and decide a crime was committed so again nobody doing that then it didn't happen... Thus no numbers to rate crime levels... :eek:
Man or Astroman
25-06-2005, 04:20
did anyone notice that the nation with the lowest police ratio in the world has no crime... no police AND no crime... hmm.... connection? i think there IS!
An enlightened society where nobody feels a need to commit crime?

A corrupt government that under reports crime?

A marginalized segment of society that has huge crime rates, but is small compared to the rest of the population?

A very small but brutal police force that has the population cowed?

Police functions performed by the military which, technically, aren't police?
25-06-2005, 12:20
Call them police or military if they are there to protect the nations and it's people they are either.. In our military structure the military defend the borders of the islands that allows the police to defend the people inside them. If the military allows crime to come in then they are failing.. The police must be able to stop them that get past the military.. This is why we separate forces but require them all to meet the same training standards; because they all guard our Empire.. We also have a group who records events like each crime committed. If thy fail in their jobs then our system of laws deals with them. We use a lot of rope and love our old large trees. We let people know they are not to break the laws of the land... Those that come to our counry are expected... no required... to follow our laws.. fail to do that and we use another rope and tree... not a lot of crime to report once the bad guys swinging from an old tree. Thus crime rates go down... we don't need to police inside our borders just protect them... thus we move police inside to military outside.. We've done it this way for over five hundred years and it still works.. well...